Archive: June, 2016

On-site Storm Water Infiltration

Construction crews have completed the on-site infiltration bed at The Grove Plaza. The 50’ by 20’ bed is 12’6” deep, and is comprised of loose gravel and a layer of sand and grease which cleans the storm water as it drains back into the ground. This system reduces runoff into the Boise River and helps eliminate […]

North Spoke Detour

North Spoke thru-access is closed, but all business remain open!  Visit Lucky Fins, Idaho Taters, Snake River Tea, and CostaVida this weekend and checkout progress on the renovation. To get through the plaza, enjoy the shaded path on the other side of the businesses. View the current detour route below.

Implementing Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Sustainability is an important aspect of The Grove Plaza renovation, and CCDC will be implementing Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) to reduce storm water run off. Construction of the stormwater system began last week with excavation and the disconnection of the plaza’s storm drains that currently flow to the Boise River.  The new storm water system utilizes a permeable […]