Frequently Asked Questions

When was The Grove Plaza originally constructed?

The Grove Plaza was completed in December, 1986. You can visit our History page to see a detailed outline of the plaza’s past

Does The Grove Plaza close?

The plaza is a public space that is always open. During private events portions of the plaza may be closed to public use; however public passage through the Grove Plaza along the 8th Street corridor is maintained.

Can I have an event at The Grove Plaza?

Yes, scheduling of The Grove Plaza is managed by Boise Centre. If you are interested in holding an event at The Grove Plaza, click here for more information.     

Who owns The Grove Plaza?

Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC) owns The Grove Plaza. CCDC is Boise’s Redevelopment Agency. For more information about CCDC click here.

Why was The Grove Plaza renovated?

After nearly 30 years of use and enjoyment, The Grove Plaza was in need of a major renovation. The fountain had routine maintenance issues, many of the trees were in decline, and the brick paving was breaking and buckling. Construction of the Valley Regional Transit’s Main Street Station underneath portions of the Plaza caused significant disturbance to the public space.  The need for repairs, the desire for enhancements, and the construction activity presented an opportunity to complete the renovation in conjunction with the surrounding redevelopment. The result is a plaza designed for the new environment surrounding it for another 30 years of public use and enjoyment.

What type of public engagement did CCDC conduct before moving forward with The Grove Plaza renovation?

CCDC spent months conducting public engagement and stakeholder input sessions. A public survey yielded over 500 responses and CCDC staff met with stakeholder groups for 11 months prior to construction. CCDC, with help from the local Boise firm, CSHQA, and the Portland-based firm, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca (ZGF), prepared design plans based off of this input.

The amount of positive input and great ideas we received from the community is a testament of how important The Grove Plaza is to residents, businesses, and visitors of downtown Boise,” said John Brunelle, Executive Director of CCDC. “This renovation is about enhancing and improving the elements of The Grove Plaza we all know and love, as well as adding features to make it an even better gathering place.”

Can I still get my name on a brick?

The opportunity to purchase a personalized brick ended on December 31, 2016. CLICK HERE to add your name to our Interest List, and you will be notified if sales are re-opened in the future.

What events happen at The Grove Plaza?

The Grove Plaza hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Visit the Event Calendar to see a schedule of upcoming events.

Is there WiFi at The Grove Plaza?

Yes! When you are at the plaza search for open networks and choose “The Grove Plaza” then agree to the Terms and Conditions to connect to the network. The Grove Plaza website,, will be the splash page for users once they have connected to the Wi-Fi network.  On the splash page, users will find a calendar of events, directions to the plaza, things to do at the plaza and neighboring establishments, as well as the Brick Finder to search for personalized bricks on the plaza.

When does the fountain on The Grove Plaza run?

The fountain is in operation 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. from April thru October (depending on the weather).

How is the fountain water filtered?

CCDC worked with the Idaho Department of Health to ensure the fountain was up to all health and safety codes. The fountain has a triple filtration system that uses chlorination and UV light to keep the recycled water safe and clean. The water tank is also regularly drained and refilled.

What can the fountain do?

The new, enhanced fountain has a dozen programmed routines, including a mist feature, as well as integrated lighting effects for evening shows and night time ambiance.

How can I find my brick?

Nearly 19,000 personalized bricks pave The Grove Plaza. Come read the names, messages, and stories told through the engraved bricks. You can locate the section your brick is in by using the Brick Finder!

Type in your name or inscription, and then choose your brick from the list of results to see the location of your brick’s section. Please note, that if your brick is from 1987, a Founders Brick, you can search by INSCRIPTION only and not by PURCHASER NAME.