The Grove Plaza Renovation Resumes April 3

Renovation efforts on the Grove Plaza resume Monday, April 3, 2017.  McAlvain Construction will occupy the construction area ESI Inc. is currently using to complete the Boise Centre Concourse.   The construction fence will be moved into the center of the plaza, surrounding the fountain to create a secure environment to commission its electrical and mechanical […]

KBOI 2 News Feature on The Grove Plaza Brick Stories!

KBOI 2 ran a feature about The Grove Plaza Brick Stories! “Two sets of duos, leaving their foot-print on The Grove, along with hundreds others to remember the memories shared here for years to come.” Click Here to watch the video including the interviews with two very special families. Wishing you had a brick? There’s still […]

The Grove Plaza Construction Video

With the help of the talented Guy Hand Productions and CCDC Board Commissioner, Ben Quintana, we have a new video highlighting The Grove Plaza renovation and Brick by Brick program. The video can be viewed here:  The renovation of The Grove Plaza is nearly finished, but it’s not too late order your brick! Click here […]