Engraved Brick Installation Begins!

The first of the engraved bricks are being placed into The Grove Plaza! Contractors began installing the 16,000+ personalized bricks in the plaza last week, and installation will continue in phases as areas of the plaza become ready for paving. The plaza paving pattern includes specially designated sections for personalized bricks. Replacement bricks engraved with […]

Engraved Bricks Update

This week CCDC and The Grove Plaza renovation contractors toured our brick engraver’s facility in Garden City. Fund Raisers is a local company responsible for engraving approximately 16,000 personalized bricks that will help pave the plaza. In fact, the owner’s very first project was the original Grove Plaza in 1987! Fund Raisers uses a sandblast […]

Brick by Brick: Renovation of The Grove Plaza

The renovation construction crew has started pulling up bricks on The Grove Plaza and is carefully salvaging them for re-use. The black bricks will be re-used on the renovated plaza and the engraved I-shaped bricks are being saved for maintenance projects around downtown. If you had an original engraved brick – check out our Founders bricks page […]