Category: Legacy

Gerren, Boise

I married my best friend and love of my life. She passed away in 2014;  I’m heart broken and wanted our family names together as a memorial forever!

Patricia, Boise

My parents, Howard and Maxine Johnston, were sent to Boise with the military in 1958. They were both originally from the mid-west, but when they found Boise, they knew it was a special place and where they wanted to live. They returned to Boise in 1966 when my father retired from the Army and lived […]

Linda, Boise

“Boise just fits like an old shoe”. Alan Reed Tell moved to the Boise area in the early 80`s. Work pulled him away, however he missed Boise and quickly found a way to return to the city that he loved. He spent his career working downtown and often was seen with a smile at his […]