Michael, Nampa

mike-lisaI met my beautiful wife in September of 1991. Whenever we wanted to say “I love you” to each other, we would squeeze or tap the others hand three times. We were married on 08/14/1992 and our love has grown beyond all imagined bounds. We still squeeze each others hands three times to say “I love you.” That is what the *** before and after the word forever means, ” I love you now and forever.” Over the years we have added to our family circle. We have 2 wonderful children, one amazing son-in-law, a grandson that brings more joy into our lives that we ever thought possible, and a little granddaughter on the way. We look forward to many wonderful years together now and in the future, and hope for many new additions to our amazing family. May we always have love and happiness as a family now and in the future!