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Construction Continues on The Grove Plaza

Construction continues on The Grove Plaza, with some exciting accomplishments this past week. GUHO installed the first Silva Cell on the South spoke, which will help the new tress thrive by giving their roots more room to grow. They also trenched for Anderson & Wood to install conduits for the south spoke.       Great job to […]

The Grove Plaza Renovation - Phase 2

Latest Construction The Grove Plaza renovation is in full swing again.  CCDC’s contractor, McAlvain Companies Inc., has secured a construction area on the south spoke and central plaza creating a safe work zone to resume renovation activities. Initial start-up and testing of The Grove Plaza fountain began on April 3 with great success. The 30 day commissioning period […]

The Grove Plaza Renovation Resumes April 3

Renovation efforts on the Grove Plaza resume Monday, April 3, 2017.  McAlvain Construction will occupy the construction area ESI Inc. is currently using to complete the Boise Centre Concourse.   The construction fence will be moved into the center of the plaza, surrounding the fountain to create a secure environment to commission its electrical and mechanical […]