Category: Construction News

Construction Begins on New Fountain

This week, the concrete cistern was poured for The Grove Plaza’s new fountain. The excavation for the cistern required a 40’x40′ hole that is 12′ deep and the cistern itself is 16’x9′ and 7′ deep! The cistern is used as a holding tank and for recirculating water from the fountain. The Grove Plaza fountain has long been […]

Engraved Bricks Update

This week CCDC and The Grove Plaza renovation contractors toured our brick engraver’s facility in Garden City. Fund Raisers is a local company responsible for engraving approximately 16,000 personalized bricks that will help pave the plaza. In fact, the owner’s very first project was the original Grove Plaza in 1987! Fund Raisers uses a sandblast […]

On-site Storm Water Infiltration

Construction crews have completed the on-site infiltration bed at The Grove Plaza. The 50’ by 20’ bed is 12’6” deep, and is comprised of loose gravel and a layer of sand and grease which cleans the storm water as it drains back into the ground. This system reduces runoff into the Boise River and helps eliminate […]