Free Public Wi-Fi is now available at The Grove Plaza!

Downtown visitors now have access to FREE Wi-Fi at The Grove Plaza! Students and workers can enjoy the Boise summer days outside, while staying productive and connected to classes and projects. Working lunches are now even more productive with plenty of shade, seating, and connectivity.

The Wi-Fi network is designed to support up to 1,500 users, and has the ability of being expanded up and down the 8th Street corridor in the future, if desired.  In the meantime, it services the central core of the plaza where people gather for events like Alive After Five and the Saturday Market. The public permissions and management settings of the system are modeled off of the City of Boise’s best practices which are used at the airport and libraries.

Wi-Fi terminal connected to light pole

Part of enhancing the user experience at The Grove Plaza is improving the public’s access to information about events and things to do at the plaza.  The Grove Plaza website,, will be the splash page for users once they have logged onto the Wi-Fi network.  On the splash page, users will find a calendar of events, directions to the plaza, things to do at the plaza and neighboring establishments, as well as the Brick Finder to search for personalized bricks on the plaza.