Bricks on The Grove Plaza

When you’re at The Grove Plaza there are thousands of reasons to look at the ground, literally!

In 1986, over 14,000 Boise residents helped to pave the way for a downtown plaza by purchasing personalized engraved bricks, which were installed in the plaza. 30 years later in 2015/2016, thousands more joined the tradition and are helping to fund the renovation. Now, over 16,000 bricks that make up the plaza have personalized brick inscriptions.  Come read the names, messages, and stories told through the engraved bricks.

Every brick has a story! Visit our Brick Stories page and discover why so many people have chosen to continue the legacy of The Grove Plaza.

If you have a brick on the plaza use the Brick Finder to find the section where your brick is located.

Learn more about what is happening to the original bricks by visiting the Founders’ Bricks Page.

Are you interested in becoming a lasting part of Boise history and helping preserve The Grove Plaza? Click on Buy a Brick to learn more.