Lisa, Meridian

I am a native Idahoan. I have been doing photography professionally at the Centurylink Arena (AKA: B of A, Qwest) for 15 years and feel like the The Grove Plaza is my home away from home. It`s been such a great part of the city for many years, and such a fun place to go. […]

Michael, Nampa

I met my beautiful wife in September of 1991. Whenever we wanted to say “I love you” to each other, we would squeeze or tap the others hand three times. We were married on 08/14/1992 and our love has grown beyond all imagined bounds. We still squeeze each others hands three times to say “I […]

Gail, Tucson

Although we live in Tucson Arizona, we chose to get married in beautiful Boise in April 2008, we sat near the fountain on The Grove Plaza and called our parents in Tucson to share our news. Additionally we have 2 daughters and grandchildren who reside in Boise. We still enjoy spending time along the river […]