Mike, Boise

I have lived in a lot of locations – born overseas, lived on both coasts of the US and settled and raised a family in Boise.  I think Boise is the best place I could have done that! My brick has my childs name on it.

Jerri, Boise

I couldn`t decide between creating a brick for the family or a special tribute for my beautiful and inspiring daughter, Sage. She is born and raised in Boise, Idaho and is 208 Proud from day one! She exudes positive energy and a love for Boise, the people, the city, nature, the entire state. She is […]

Wendi, Boise

I bought a brick on The Grove Plaza for my daughter and son-in-law (both Boise natives) so they can take their children there and having a memory of the beautiful city they have been raised in. Coming from a big city myself, and making Boise my home, it means a lot to me that I have […]