Lauresta, Boise

My dad moved to Boise from Pennsylvania just after he finished college, and he has lived in Boise since then. (Almost 40 years) It is the mountains that he loves the most about this area. He wrote a song recently called Sawtooth Sweet, which is all about the incredible beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains. The […]

Amy, Boise

After traveling the world for 75 yrs, Boise became my Dad‘s final stop. We thought a great way to honor him would be with a brick in the center of this town he so quickly fell in love with. A place of celebration and fun! So many memories of summer and the fountain, Christmas tree […]

Sheila, Boise

My husband, Brian, died 8 years ago while I was pregnant with our second child. He loved to take our daughter down to play in the fountain. While we were married my husband would always tell me how important he was and tell me he had plaques in his honor all over the country. This […]