Frequently Asked Questions

About the Bricks

The opportunity to purchase a personalized brick ended on December 31, 2016. CLICK HERE to add your name to our Interest List, and you will be notified if sales are re-opened in the future.

Will the new bricks be I-shaped?

No, they will be rectangular. The original I-bricks used to pave The Grove Plaza are no longer available to purchase and the rectangular brick has become the new Boise standard.

Will the old I-Bricks be reused for the public good?

After nearly 30 years of use, many of the original bricks are brittle or damaged. However, while many of the original bricks are broken, or will likely break during removal, the agency plans to reuse as many as possible to avoid the expense of ordering more I-bricks. The old I-Brick is becoming less common in the industry, so the existing inventory is a valuable resource for public projects.

Can I choose the location of my brick?

The Grove Plaza design consultants are working diligently to create a paving pattern that incorporates all three engraved brick types in a way that honors all the brick purchases. Though you cannot choose the exact location of your brick you can find your brick easily using the Brick Finder website that will be updated upon the opening of The Grove Plaza. If you would like to ensure your brick is in an ideal location choose the Premium Brick option. These bricks will be placed in a specially designated, highly visible area of The Grove Plaza.

What’s the difference between a 4”x8” brick and a Premium brick?

Both bricks are the exact same size and quality, however; premium bricks will be placed in a specially designated, highly visible area of The Grove Plaza. More details will be given when designs are finalized.

What is the deadline to purchase a brick?

The opportunity to purchase a personalized, engraved bricks to be placed in the renovated Grove Plaza ended on December 31, 2016. Bricks sold on/before April 15, 2016 will be installed during the renovation, scheduled to begin during the summer of 2016. All bricks sold after April 15, 2016 will be installed in a second phase scheduled for early 2017.

Can I have multiple bricks placed together?

You can purchase multiple bricks at one time, however the bricks purchased together might not be placed next to one other.

When will the bricks be installed?

Bricks purchased on/before April 15, 2016 will be installed during the renovation of The Grove Plaza during the summer of 2016. All bricks sold after April 15, 2016 will be installed in a second phase scheduled for early 2017.

When will I know the location of my brick?

The brick finder website will be updated after construction is complete. All brick purchasers will be sent an email notice when it is live.

Will my brick remain on The Grove Plaza forever?

CCDC will do its best to honor a long-term commitment for the personalized bricks, but cannot guarantee it will be on The Grove Plaza forever.

Can my business sponsor a brick or an area of The Grove Plaza?

As a large part of our community, we encourage Boise businesses to purchase bricks. However, no websites, phone numbers, or manifestos can be used in the inscription. CCDC will also be providing opportunities for businesses to sponsor more significant pieces of The Grove Plaza such as lightening features, furniture and the sound system. If you are interested in sponsoring a major part of the plaza, please contact Laura Williams at

Are there fundraising opportunities for local schools and non-profits?

CCDC is researching options to donate bricks to local schools and non-profits for fundraising purposes. If you are interested in getting a brick donated for an auction event, please contact Laura Williams at

Who will maintain The Grove Plaza long-term?

Currently, The Grove Plaza is owned by CCDC and operated and maintained in partnership with Boise Centre. When the Central Urban Renewal District closes in 2018 ownership of the plaza will transfer to a different entity. CCDC, the City of Boise, Boise Centre and the Downtown Boise Association are in conversations about how ongoing programming and maintenance can best be achieved.


Founder’s Bricks FAQs

Where is my brick today?

Until construction begins in early spring 2016, those who invested in a Founder’s Brick can locate their personalized brick on The Grove Plaza Brick Finder—a digital map of the plaza’s engraved bricks. A portion of the personalized Founders Bricks were first catalogued and relocated into temporary storage to accommodate the adjacent construction project.

What’s happening to my brick?

Because many of The Founders Bricks are in need of repair, CCDC is replacing the original bricks with re-engraved bricks. The Founders Bricks will have a special designation setting them apart from the new generation of engraved bricks on The Grove Plaza. The original bricks that are still in good condition will be retained by CCDC and repurposed in downtown streetscape repair and maintenance projects.

Can I have my original I-Brick with my (or my family’s) name on it?

The original I-bricks at The Grove Plaza will not be given away or sold. The agency will be reusing as many of its bricks as possible after they are removed,  including the bricks with and without name inscriptions. The agency has need for I-bricks to replace chipped and damaged bricks on various downtown streetscapes, as well as planned future public projects.

Why reuse the old bricks instead of giving them away?

Reusing as many bricks as possible is a sustainable practice and helps with an overall cost savings.  Reducing that expense will help CCDC cover the cost to replace all of the original “named bricks” (which we are now referring to as  Founders Bricks) with brand new inscribed bricks.  The new 4” x 8” bricks will be engraved with their original inscriptions. Once the inscribed bricks are reinstalled, they will be easily located using the agency’s new “Brick Finder” application.

I had an original brick, can I change the inscription before it is re-engraved?

CCDC’s goal is to preserve the historical integrity of the original project and also has a civic responsibility to former brick purchasers to recreate the new bricks as originally inscribed. CCDC is re-engraving the Founders Bricks as a gift to the community, because establishing ownership can be extremely difficult, we will be keeping this part of the plaza unchanged.

Will I be charged again for re-inscribing my (my family) name on a new brick?

No, there is no charge. The renovation budget and cost savings of reusing the I-Bricks will allow us to replicate the 14,000 named bricks as part of this project.

Will my Founders bricks be located in the same place?

Founders bricks will be placed in a specially designated area, but most bricks will not be in exactly the same location. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that Founders bricks will be located next to any bricks which they were originally. You will be able to find the new location of your brick when construction is complete using the Brick Finder website.


Inscriptions and Engravings Questions:

What are people putting on their bricks?

Please visit the Design Your Brick Webpage to create your personal message on a virtual Grove Plaza brick. Examples of personal messages created by other donors are also provided

Can I put a personal image, graphic or symbol on my brick?

No, only numbers, letters and/or punctuation marks found on a standard keyboard are permitted. Websites, phone numbers, hashtags and/or manifestos are also not acceptable. The Capital City Development Corporation reserves the right to approve all inscriptions prior to production. Should any message be deemed unsuitable, you will be contacted and allowed to submit an alternate inscription.

Can I have my personal message engraved in italics for special emphasis?

No, all inscriptions will be centered and engraved in UPPER CASE font to maintain a uniform appearance between all engraved bricks. The only exception will be emphasis on formal family names upon request only (i.e., McDONALD, MÜLLER, JOSÉ, etc.).

How many characters fit on each line of a brick?

Each line of text can be engraved with up to fifteen (15) characters per line, including spaces and all letters, numbers, and symbols on a standard English keyboard.

How many lines of text can I have on a brick?

4”x8” bricks can be engraved with up to three (3) lines of text.

Can I change my inscription if I change my mind? Is there a fee?

Yes, a $10 reprocessing fee may apply if your inscription is completely altered requiring resubmission for approval, or if you notify us of any changes after the proof time has expired on your “Inscription Verification Letter”, otherwise there are no fees if corrections are made within the proof time indicated on your inscription verification letter. Additionally, if your brick is in production and you wish to make changes at this stage, redo fees will apply. The inscription verification letters are typically generated within three (3) to four (4) weeks of your order being processed and approved by CCDC.


Order and Payment Questions:

Is CCDC running the brick sales?

CCDC is working in collaboration with Fund Raisers, LTD., a local company, who is responsible for the order transactions and brick engraving. Fund Raisers  very first project was The Grove Plaza brick engraving in 1987. Since then the company has grown and employees nearly 50 people in the Boise area. We are delighted to be able to work with a local company who understands the importance of The Grove Plaza to help us facilitate this effort.

Has my order been received?

If you ordered online or over the phone you will receive an automatic payment receipt which will be followed up by an email order confirmation within 2-5 business days of your order being processed.

If you mailed or faxed your order in, this usually takes 5-7 business days to process once we receive it. An email order confirmation will follow if an email address was provided on your submitted form.

If you ordered a Gift Certificate you will receive a payment confirmation, and the certificates will be sent to the shipping address provided within 5-7 business days from receipt of your order.

Always check your spam or junk folder if this is your first time receiving anything from The Grove Plaza Brick Program. You may also call to speak with a customer service representative during normal business hours at 1-844-BOISE-BRX (844-264-7327).

Can I purchase a gift certificate for myself or a friend?

Yes; any brick option can be converted into a gift certificate, which does not require you to enter an inscription prior to check-out. Personalized bricks are the perfect gift! It’s also a great way to secure your own placement at The Grove Plaza while allowing additional time to personalize your own brick.

Gift certificates will be sent within 5-7 business days from receipt of your order. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-844-BOISE-BRX (844-264-7327) or send an email to

Can I pay by check?

Yes; please make checks payable to: The Grove Plaza Brick Program. Mail Payment with order form to: The Grove Plaza Brick Program • Fulfillment Center • P.O. Box 9247 • Boise, ID 83707. Order forms can be emailed to you or picked up at the CCDC office (121 N 9th Street, Suite 501 Boise, Idaho, 83702).