Founders Bricks

In 1986 CCDC, Boise’s Redevelopment Agency and a team of volunteers conducted a fund raising effort called “Greening the Grove”. Boise residents and downtown supporters purchased over 14,000 personalized engraved bricks, or Founders’ Bricks, to pay for plaza features.  A strong sense of community ownership of the public plaza was established then, and it still exists today.

After thirty years of enjoyment, many of the Founders’ Bricks were cracked, chipped, or broken and needed to be replaced. As part of the renovation project, CCDC re-engraved the original inscriptions from the Founders’ Bricks on to new bricks as a gift to the community.

The original I-shaped bricks are no longer available, so the entire plaza, including the re-engraved Founders’ Bricks, were paved with rectangular clay brick pavers. The I-shaped bricks allowed for one line of text with 22 characters, whereas the rectangular brick can fit three lines of text with 15 characters each. As such, some of the Founders’ Bricks’ inscriptions were split from one line into two in order to accommodate the entire inscription. The inscriptions were split at a natural breaking point or however the inscription could be made most legible.

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